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25 series shocks
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It's not about selling you something, it's about winning.       

Your success, is really what it is all about. Our achievements through your success is how we measure success. If you're not at the top of your game then we aren't either and that is just not acceptable in our books. It is not about selling you a set of shocks, it is about becoming better as a team and improving our standings. When we do this, than we win and it is our goal to meet your goals. 

BSB parts for shocks

Our team from top to bottom is determine to produce the highest quality shock on the market. We have taken a different avenue in serving our customers, one that doesn’t want to sell you a shock but build you a shock that performs to the standards needed to win. From design to function it is team BSB all the way. Follow the easy step by step procedure to building your shock program for a winning tomorrow.

25 series shock

Let’s take a in depth look at what drives us as a company and the shocks we build, from FEEL to performance it is our passion to build the best shocks period.  

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