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Fueled by Passion

When I started BSB it was founded on two simple principals, solve the problem and help people, the challenge in many cases is to identify the problem. I see most often racers will head off in the wrong direction when trying to solve the problem. I feel that BSB has reduced the problems to a much smaller degree and a lot of them have been inside the shock, problems such as feel, fade over time and getting the same shock twice. BSB puts a ton of work into machining each shock body because of the huge amount of feel that one piece can give the driver. A precisely made shock body, honed and treated on the ID will produce the same pressures all season long, not leaving the driver without feel in his race car and thinking it something else that is causing the issue. Often a team driver will tell you that he makes very few changes to his race car throughout the night because his car is just that good, in both the heat and the feature. A shock body is the first step to producing feel for the driver, and BSB is the only shock company to talk about that, it is not an easy task and one that is often mistaken for a bad thing. Sometime drives don’t want to feel something different, although that is what they are looking for, different is often bad to a drive because it is change. The major outcome is to produce a shock that is consistent in performance, feel and function and I feel we do a great job of providing that. These items are key to a successful program if you want to build shocks.

  •         Honed and treated tube ID

  •         Low drag seal and divider assembly

  •         Seal head location

  •         Shim technology and bleed system


 There is one more thing that I haven’t mentioned yet and as I stated there were two simple principals when starting this business. The second one was to help people, not just sell them something, everyone want to sell you something, something you don’t need most of the time, and this will not fix the problem. Solve the problem, satisfy the customer and we will both move forward to a better place, to me this is team work and as a team we can grow and we can win. Winning without each other is not the Victory that we are looking for here at BSB, if you can’t tell by now we are not like other companies and we don’t want to be. Together we can win, together we can achieve, and together we can build a Future. Winning starts one step at a time, let’s start the journey.

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