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12 Series Gas Shock - std -     $150.00

12 Series Gas Shock - SRT -   $185.00

12-9090-17 Coil over Kit           $50.00

12 Series Shock

This shock is unlike any steel small body shock you will find on the market today and has changed the way Mod Lites and Dwarfs race today. I remember the night when I first thought that this class needed a better shock and what we built them was a great shock. As all of our shocks do the 12 Series shock has a honed body and a treated ID surface to ensure outstanding performance and feel, but what sets this shock apart is the threaded body. Good bye nasty old coil over kit, it’s time to step into the 20 century and put a shock designed for racing on your car. This threaded body makes life simple and the high flow linear piston allows for much more car control than this class has ever had. This makes it the best choice in shocks for this class but we are not done, we are going to introduce its big brother in the coming months and will debut it right here on BSB new web site. I promise it will be good, but while you wait here are some more reasons to buy BSB.

  •     Low drag assembly, which includes the divider, seal and main piston.

  •     Bronze coated Teflon wearband, reduces friction and increase sealing.

  •     Honed and coated tube ID.

  •     Shim technology.

  •     High flow linear piston design.

  •     New threaded ring coil over.

Shock Valving

Shocks can be valved in any configuration or in standard valving, also see Shock We Build to get a better understanding of the shocks we build.

Standard builds would be like a 4010 which is a 4 rebound and a 1 compression, these are the $130.00 dollar shocks.

Custom valved shock is like a dry slick shock or a shock that uses a custom valve.

See valving chart to see pressures at 10 inch per second.

Custom builds will be more like RF1-50 @ 100 psi

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