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15 Series Spec Shock

20 Series Spec Shock

Wow, what can I say about spec shocks, it just makes it harder for everyone. But we did all we can do to make this work, we are going to do it in both the 15 series and 20 series shock in both a sealed non fixable and fixable version. Depending on what the tracks will allow or what the series is looking for, will determine on how the shock is made. Now I believe if a shock can be fix it cost less over time, than buying a new one, but a lot of people will tell you that is not the case. Anyway here is the deal, we are building the best piece we can and keeping it under $149.00 dollars retail to meet the rules, the up side we are doing it better than the other guys. When done, you will not need to have it fixed, we will do it right from the start.

  •    Fixed or non fixed seal head.

  •    Fixed or non fixed end caps.

  •    Sn# for identification and legal valving.

  •    Custom valving for series and tracks.

  •    Custom valving for customer when aloud.

  •    High flow linear piston design.

  •    Ring groves cut for coil over kits.

Shock Valving

Shocks can be valved in any configuration or in standard valving depending on the track or Series you run in, also see Shock We Build to get a better understanding of the shocks we build.

Standard builds would be 4040 which is a 4 rebound and a 4 compression, see valving chart to see pressures at 10 inch per second.

$149.00 ea
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