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How to buy a Shock

I know this sounds a little funny but there are a lot of people that have not bought shocks from a rebuilder or a custom manufacture before. Often the 1st question I get is I don’t know what to tell you or what you are looking for and I have never done this before. Believe me I know there is a ton of things going on right now in the racing market and it makes it all way to confusing. You don’t need to be an expert on shocks, but you do need to know some of the basic, so you don’t get taken advantage of in today’s current market. I am not sure how others go about selling shocks, but we will go over a few things like the car, rules and how you drive.

  1. Understand what you can afford and what you are willing to spend. (budget)

  2. Pick a shock style you are looking for. (BV, Bulb Shock)

  3. Understand your class rules so you can buy the right piece.

  4. Have setup notes ready to give to your shock guy, he needs to ask.

  •  Scale Numbers

  •  Spring rates

  •  Current shock valving

  •  How the car handles on current setup

  •  Weight placement on the car

  •  Ride heights

  •  Left rear load numbers

  1. Track name, location, surface conditions, size, banking and clay content.

  2. Have a list of the parts, age and manufacture of the product on your car.

  •  Birdcage:

  •  Brakes system (pads)

  •  Rod ends

  •  Lower and upper control arms

  •  Shock brand and Valving

  •  Springs and rates

  •  Pull bar

  •  Spring sliders

  •  Tire compound

  1. Motor rule, size, horsepower and chip rule.

  2. How you drive a car. (Brake zone, turn in zone)

These are the things we go over every day with people in order to get them the best shock package we can. Understand this, if it is wrong we will help you to find the fix, weather it is in your shock package or in your car. There is a lot that goes into making a car work well on the track and the shocks are a big part of it but not the only part, that is why we need to look at the total package, to determine that we are not being held back by bad parts on your race car. We are looking to make your car more balanced between the front and rear tire and to do this based on spring rate, rebound, rear drive and track size. This is what it is going to take to be fast and speed is king.

I want you to also understand that we are looking for speed not drive, in order to be fast you must turn on the front tires and carry speed on the rear tires. So, this means we are going to work hard on turning the front of the car and we are going to do it well. My goal is your goal and that is to win race.

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