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QR Code
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What is this barcode thing all about and what is that funny sticker on the back of my shock?

This is a QR code and it is a way to track info or to share info, in this case I am sharing info with you about your shocks. When you scan the code on the back of your shock it will open an online file that contains the history of your shock. This allows you to see a dyno sheet, build sheet, and a history of repairs all about your shock. This is our way of helping you to understand what you have, and it is a little fun at the same time.

Here’s how we start:

From your phone download a QR code reader, on some phones now it comes as a standard app. From the play store type in QR droid and this is what it should look like.

Download the app, when you scan the code it will open an online drop box file that contains info about your shocks. Only you can see this, and it will stay logged on your phone so you can return to it later.

Also check out all the QR codes through out our catalog for more info about shocks and other GoFast parts we sell.

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