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SRT Piston

What is a SRT piston "Slick Rough Track" piston is used for rough track condition and was designed for a B-Mod left rear. We realized the the left rear shock on a B-mod was hurting in the rough so we design a piston that would flow more oil when needed and not when it was not needed. This allows for the shock to be stiff when it is on a smooth slick track with a lot of low speed nose on it, but have a lot of bleed blow by when it hits a hole in the track. This work out super well on the left rear so much we should be running it on ever left rear shock we build at this time we are not due to the cost but we offer it on any left rear we build by asking at not up charge to you. If you race on anything that is rough you need to be running a SRT piston on the left rear for sure and if not you should have one in your trailer just in case. This is by far one of the best shocks you will ever own. If you are need of speed give us a call 620-326-3152

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