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How to buy Shock

Hi, I know this sounds a little funny but there are a lot of people that have not bought shocks from a rebuilder or a custom manufacture before. Often the 1st question I get is I don’t know what to tell you or what you are looking for and I have never done this before. That is all good because you’re not alone, and here is where we need to start.

  1. Look up your rules for the class in which you run, if your running a local race track and they have certain mounting rules of length rules than the shock builder with not know that and may send you the wrong shock.

  2. Know your setup. Know this info, because if your shock guy is not asking about these thing he is selling you something that you may not need. If you don’t know them it is okay but have an ideal of how your car work getting into the corner and off. Things you need to know are: percentage, spring rates, current shock valving, scale numbers and how the car handles on corner entry, when you pick up the gas and on exit.

  3. We will spend time going over the car and the parts on the car to determine if they are hurting the setup or timing in the car. Sometimes we need to replace a part or two to make it work better. Know how old the parts on your car are, the older the part the more ill effect they are going to have, this is important when you race on slick and dirty tracks. I don’t care what those boys that race in the mud every week say about how slick their track is and how bad bearing don’t affect side bite. They’re wrong just plain wrong.

  4. We will spend a little time talking about your race track and how you drive it, some race tracks have a lot of charm to them and we need to understand that because it effects how the shocks are built. A lot of times I will look at a track on Google earth to see just how it is shaped so I can understand how it changes thing for the driver.

It is our goal to build the best shock and to have the best race car we can to allow you to have the best success you can. This is not about selling you something, it is about winning or being better than we were before. The most important thing we can do is work together to build a better you, so after a couple weeks give me a call and we will work on the next adjustment to improve your handling.

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