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More Feel for the Right Rear.

Well this goes back some time when I remember people talking about making more feel on the RR of their car, the problem still exist but you just don't here that much about it any more. I am thinking that no one has really fixed it or at less come up with a good ideal as to why the car is losing feel or dig on the RR tire. First off, who said it was there to began with, are we looking for something, more than we will find or are we just looking for some feel off the rr tire. Well lets take a look at some ideals where all of this has gone.

1st if you step back about 10 years ago this was a pretty hot topic in the Late Model world, people were trying pretty hard to solve this issues and race were spending money on it too. It just seem to me that we have given up on fixing this problem, not from the lack of trying but from the lack of results. Now I do believe that we are asking for more than we can achieve but the fact is we can improve on it to some level. There are a few things that we can do, depending on track conditions and cars set up.

Car setup:

4 bar RR on a coilover kit, we can make some improvements by using this coil over kit that allows more movement on the spring and less bind on the RR shock, this will make more feel for the driver because it process oil in the shock easier. This kit allows for movement in two direction to reduce spring bind. #6654 is the part number.

Pull Bar Damping: I know your thinking the 9010 can give me feel on the RR how can that be. Well its not just as it looks. Some kind of damping to the pull bar can control an unwanted movement in the pull bar that will increase overall traction in the rear of the car and it all goes to the RR because the left rear is to stiff. This unwanted movement is killing feel to the RR of the car, so by stopping it both the feel and traction will increase. This is done by valving in the 9010 shock or as we call it the Top Shock.

Shock Valving:

By tuning the RR shock valving you can increase the feel on the RR and this is hardest of the 3 to do, but can be done by your shock guy if he is any good. The out come depends on the quality of shock that you are using, the lesser the shock the less the outcome. If you are running BSB shocks and want more feel ask when call for service and we can make improvements to the shock in both valving and internal parts that we use. When it comes to parts we have some different stuff we do depending on the track surface and texture, so we need to discuss things like SRT pistons ,wear bands and divider assy to increase feel.

Now with that being said other parts of the car like birdcages and rod end will also effect the outcome of feel on the RR too, so just because you changed something and the feel didn't increase don't mean that much if we still have problems in the car. It is important to have everything right when you race in a harsh environment, these condition are hard to make grip in and we can't afford anything messing with that. Give us a call and we will help get you going.

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