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LR Air Shocks

Lr Air Shock:

The left rear air shock is designed to hold the car in posture to get it thru the corner, allowing the car to maintain steer in the rear. It also loads the left rear tire a bunch because it makes a lot more rod force, this make a lot of traction on the left rear tire. Unlike other versions of this ours looks like a shock and can be used with or without a spring. Not to be confused with a gas shock, this shock has a larger air volume and a bigger piston which increase the rod force that apply's force to the tire.

Things we need to know to make this work is center to center at ride height and at full hick, when the car is setting on the ground and when it is in full hike position. This shock has worked on stock cars, B-mods and A- mods with good success, but it is tricky to do because of the spring as it is adding rate to the wheel at the same time. A soft tall spring would work well in tuning this on the left rear if you have to run a spring on the left rear. The air shock works best to do in a 20 Series shock because of the volume of oil vs. the volume of air.

Remember that this is not the fix all to all things racing, it is simply a device that adds load to a tire without adding weight to the car and can increase drive to that tire. This shock may or may not be legal in your series so you need to check your rules to see. If you need more info about this shock please feel free to call us at BSB or 620-326-3152.

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